The tenth anniversary of The Blackstick Review was birthed into the world by six students in Mount Holyoke College’s English 303 course with Professor Corinne Demas. Both the print and online version of the magazine are created entirely by the students.

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From left to right, starting in the back row: Professor Corinne Demas, Andrea Gutierrez, elizabeth mcmanus, Sarah Charbonneau, Marie Seegmiller, Maddie Veninger, Zoe Wiezenbaum.


This publication is named after a literary magazine that was in existence at Mount Holyoke College circa 1909-1961. The name is derived from the good fairy in Thackeray’s “The Rose and The Ring.” The Blackstick’s constitutional mission was that “to encourage interests in things literary, attempts of members to write, and intelligent and impartial criticisms of these attempts.” Membership for this organization was by invitation only and their standards were high. They even had a chat with T.S. Eliot in 1933 in the North Mandelle common room!

The 2004 English 303 class chose to revive the “Blackstick” title for their publication after it was discovered in the archives by 303 member Allison Trzop. This edition celebrates the tenth anniversary of the revived Blackstick Review.


664326_10152009675695264_6620380009289909927_oSarah Charbonneau (Web Co-Editor) is a psychology major and English minor at Mount Holyoke College (class of 2014). Throughout her time at Mount Holyoke, Sarah enjoyed assisting in developmental psychology research, working for the Speaking, Arguing, and Writing Program, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.  Sarah plans to pursue a career in clinical psychology and hopes to continue to write, wherever that may take her. 



elizabeth mcmanus (Web Co-Editor) lower-case intentional, is a member of the Mount Holyoke Class of 2014, majoring in Religion. In the fall, she will begin her Masters of Divinity program at Duke Divinity School. Her first published work is an autobiographical essay in Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith (White Cloud Press, 2013). She served as editor for the collection of essays, Courageous Conversations: Christian Women Unearthing the Unspeakable (RCWMS Press, 2013). She lives in Durham, North Carolina with her partner and their two cats. Should you like more of her work, she writes at WanderingWrites.com.


1522677_10152009677005264_724238255099280136_oMarie Seegmiller (Print Co-Editor) is a junior at Hampshire College. In addition to creative writing, she studies history and comparative literature, with particular emphasis on Eastern Europe. In the fall, she will formally begin her senior thesis, a fictional treatment of the 1941-44 blockade of Leningrad.



1617733_10152009675760264_3325770297469853436_oAndrea Gutierrez (Print Co-Editor) is a Junior Frances Perkins Scholar at Mount Holyoke College. She is an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. Andrea is a California native who came to Mount Holyoke by way of New York City. She has accepted an internship teaching English at Home Intercultural Learning in La Plata, Argentina for the Summer of 2014. Upon returning to Mount Holyoke in the Fall, she plans to apply to MFA programs in Creative Writing, and she has her fingers crossed that she will not only be accepted to a great program, but that it will also just so happen to be located in a warm climate.


920003_10152009675590264_5739083952496919907_oZoe Weizenbaum (Artistic Director) is a member of the Mount Holyoke Class of 2014 with a major in East Asian Studies.  When not immersed in Chinese literature, language, and history she enjoys spending her time telling stories, either orally, through film, or, more recently, by means of creative writing.  Post graduation she plans to travel in China and continue to sharpen her storytelling skills.



1980394_10152009676370264_1810299423203261143_oMaddie Veninger (Co-Editor & Photographer) is a senior at Mount Holyoke College, majoring in English with a focus on Creative Writing, and minoring in Gender Studies. She has been writing her whole life and hopes to pursue a career as an author of short fiction and as a professor of Creative Writing and English. She will be attending the University of San Francisco’s MFA Writing Program in the Fall of 2014.




The staff of The Blackstick Review would like to thank Professor Corinne Demas, for her dedication in walking with us through endless re-writes and conversations, and the Mount Holyoke College Department of English for funding this project. We also want to thank Cynthia Meehan, for her administrative support, and Mary Stettner, for her technological expertise.